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  • Gamintojas: Bestway
  • Skersmuo: 549 cm.
  • Aukštis: 122 cm..

Prekės aprašymas: Bestway Frame Frame Pool 549X122Cm 11In1 56462

The STEEL-PRO MAX ™ Bestway racked garden pool with dimensions of 549 x 122 cm and a capacity of 23.062 liters will ensure comfortable cooling on a hot day. The private garden swimming pool is large enough for children and their parents to use it without any problems.
The metal frame of the pool is resistant to rain and changing weather conditions. The patented FrameLink ™ system ensures a solid and safe connection of the frame elements and prevents corrosion on the metal-to-metal connection.
New this season is the use of modern DuraPlus ™ material in the pool basin. DuraPlus ™ is a combination of a polyester mesh core with two thick PVC layers. The material used ensures durability and resistance of the sheathing.
The pool is equipped with a comfortable and safe ladder that allows easy and quick removal of the steps while the pool is not in use. As a result, children will not be able to enter the pool without adult supervision.
23.062 liters of water will fit in such a pool, so you can dive without any problems. There are special valves for quick draining.
The purity of the water is ensured by a pump with a filter, which filters the water to be able to enjoy summer lazing in clean water as long as possible. The pool cover will cover the water when not in use.

The set includes:
- swimming pool with dimensions of 549x122 cm
- filter pump with a capacity of 5.678l / h # 58389
- pump filter, type III # 58012
- pump hoses
- clamps
- strainers
- safe double-sided ladder # 58331
- pool cover # 58039
- pump hole plugs
- repair patch
- instruction

The most important features of the pool:
Three-layer, very durable side walls made of PVC and polyester.
The highest quality, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel frame which makes the pool very stable. Flow control quick couplings. Extremely simple and quick assembly. The pool can be assembled without tools!
Thanks to modern technology, the construction of the pool will ensure its long life.

New product, originally packed, covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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Gamintojas Bestway
Skersmuo 549 cm.
Aukštis 122 cm..
Talpa 23602 L.
Vandens siurbys 5678 l/h.
Siurblio maitinimas 220-240 V.
Filtras III tipas.
Pakuotės dydis 130 x 64 x 53 cm.
Rekomenduojama užpilti vandeniu 90 %.
Svoris 81 kg.
Padėk kitiems lankytojams, palik atsiliepimą apie šią prekę.

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