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  • Gamintojas: Bestway
  • Skersmuo: 671 cm.
  • AukÅ¡tis: 132 cm..

Prekės aprašymas: Bestway Frame Pool 671X132Cm 10In1 Stone 56889

The Bestway garden pool is perfect for long summer days. Thanks to its impressive size - 671 cm x 132 cm, it can easily accommodate children and parents. Playing in the water is a perfect idea to end an intense day, spending time together with your friends or family.

The pool frame is made of a steel Steel Pro ™ structure, resistant to rain and changing weather conditions. The frame is equipped with the Seal & Lock ™ system, which ensures a solid and safe connection of the frame elements.

The Tritech ™ basin is made of a durable material, with a polyester mesh core surrounded by two thick PVC layers. The 3-layer tape provides additional side support. In addition, the outer side of the basin has an imprint imitating a stone wall. As a result, the pool looks more aesthetically pleasing and easier to fit into the garden decor.

The pool with dimensions of 671 cm x 132 cm and a capacity of 40377 l (90% filling) is ideal for a family garden, the first steps in learning to swim or scuba diving. The built-in drain valve with flow control is used to empty the pool.

The included pump with a filter will take care of the quality of the water in the pool, so that you can enjoy lazing in clean water for as long as possible.

The ChemConnect ™ chemistry dispenser maintains clean, healthy water ensuring a stable chlorine level in the pool.

The set includes a comfortable ladder that makes it easier to enter and exit the pool. The ladder has the option of quick removal of steps, thanks to which children will not be able to use the pool without adult supervision.

The pool cover will protect the water from contamination (e.g. leaves, pieces of grass) when the pool is not in use.

- 671 cm x 132 cm swimming pool,
- pump with a capacity of 9463 l / h # 58391,
- snakes,
- strainers, clamps,
- pump filter type IV-B # 58095,
- ladder # 58332
- ChemConnect ™ chemistry dispenser
- cover # 58357,
- repair patch,
- instruction.

The most important features of the pool:
Three-layer, very durable side walls made of PVC and polyester.
The highest quality, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel frame which makes the pool very stable.
The round shape means easy installation, greater structural stability and less space wasted. The pool can be assembled without tools!
Thanks to modern technology, the construction of the pool will ensure its long life.

New product, originally packed, covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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Gamintojas Bestway
Skersmuo 671 cm.
Aukštis 132 cm..
Svoris 13.6 kg.
Talpa 40377 L.
pompa [eng] 9463 litrów/godz.
Filtras IV tipas.
Pakuotės dydis 130 x 99.5 x 54 cm.
Padėk kitiems lankytojams, palik atsiliepimą apie šią prekę.

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