Bestway Rack Pool 549X274X122 Window 11In1 56716

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  • Gamintojas: Bestway
  • Aukštis: 122 cm.
  • szerokość: 274 cm.
  • Ilgio: 549 cm.
  • Talpa: 13430 L.
Gamintojas Bestway
Aukštis 122 cm.
szerokość 274 cm.
Ilgio 549 cm.
Talpa 13430 L.
Vandens siurbys 5678 l/h.
Siurblio maitinimas 220-240 V.
Filtras III tipas.
Rekomenduojama užpilti vandeniu 90 %.
Svoris 92.2 kg.

Prekės aprašymas: Bestway Rack Pool 549X274X122 Window 11In1 56716

The latest RATTAN rack pool from the Bestway Power Steel ™ Swim Vista Series ™ collection with dimensions of 549 x 274 x 122cm and a capacity of 13,430l will provide blissful cooling on a hot day. The unusual design of the pool imitating rattan, perfectly synchronizes with the garden in which, for example, there is already rattan furniture. In addition, the pool has two windows, enabling observation of your own garden in an underwater perspective.
The oval swimming pool with impressive dimensions will allow the whole family to cool down on a hot day. Rack basin made of metal construction resistant to rain and changing weather conditions. As befits external devices, a strong three-layer PVC layer covers it from the inside.
The pool is equipped with a comfortable and safe ladder that allows easy and quick removal of steps while the pool is not in use. Thanks to this, children will not be able to enter the pool without adult supervision.
This pool will hold 13,430 liters of water, so you can also dive easily.
Special valves are available for quick draining.

The kit includes:
- 549 x 274 x 122cm swimming pool
- filter pump with a capacity of 5,678l # 58383
- antibacterial filter for pump III # 58476
- Chemconnect ™ # 58501 chemistry flow dispenser
- pump hoses
- strainers
- terminals
- safe ladder # 58331
- swimming pool cover # 58485
- underwater repair patch
- instruction
The most important features of the pool:
- water capacity (90%): 13,430 L
- easy setting approx. 20 min (2-3 people)
- metal frames resistant to corrosion
- durable 3-layer PVC and polyester side walls
- A 3-layer strap provides additional wall support
- flow chemistry dispenser Chemconnect - flow chemistry dispenser that is integrated with the pump. The dispenser is operated automatically, it does not require manual operation. Connecting the device to the pump allows uniform distribution of chlorine in the water. The Chemconnect dispenser successfully replaces the use of a traditional float. It is adapted to chemical tablets with a diameter of 2.5 cm.
New product, original packaging, covered by manufacturer's warranty.

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