Garden Trampoline Skyflyer Ring 2In1 180Cm 6Ft

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  • Gamintojas: SkyFlyer
  • Skersmuo: 180 cm.
  • AukÅ¡tis nuo žemės: 53 cm.

Prekės aprašymas: Garden Trampoline Skyflyer Ring 2In1 180Cm 6Ft

SKYFLYER RING TRAMPOLINE only with us model 2in1 180cm 6ft + freebies

The newest and best model of SKY FLYER RING 2in1 trampoline.
Superb quality, the latest solution, thanks to which you can build a trampoline freely:
- INTERNAL GRID - small children,
- EXTERNAL MESH - more space.
Possibility to install the protective net in two ways. Thanks to this, we obtain a trampoline with an inner net (for small children) and an outer net for older children.

- standing trampoline
- safety net
- pad - cover for springs
- assembly instructions in Polish
- waterproof cover
- spring charging key

The trampoline in this set is complete and does not require any additional purchases.

The material from which the mat is made, the mesh and the spring cover are resistant to fading and UV rays.

Technical data:
- strong mesh to prevent the child from falling out of the trampoline, made of the highest quality JUMPING MAT PP 3X4 mesh material
- a very strong mat made of polypropylene, made in the USA (maximum load 150 kg)
- only the mat used in our trampolines has 8 stitches, which makes it extremely strong
- very durable galvanized springs
- the material used to make the protective collar is resistant to UVA rays and weather conditions
- a hoop ensuring tension and keeping the net in one position (prevents unsightly falling)
- net pipes are attached to the trampoline's legs with secure clamps. The net legs are right to the ground, which stiffens the entire structure
- U-shaped legs stabilizing the entire structure
- the bolts are mounted from the inside of the structure, thanks to which the legs are smooth from the outside
- double protection of the exit - lock and buckle
- solid connectors in the rim allowing for quick and easy installation of the net to the trampoline

Thanks to the galvanization of springs and pipes, the trampoline's structural elements are extremely resistant to corrosion and adverse weather conditions. The legs from the safety net are long to the ground, which significantly increases the stability and strength of the entire structure.
The mesh posts are attached to the springboard with special clamps, which eliminates the need for drilling, which could further weaken the structure and increase the risk of corrosion. The SkyFlyer® trampoline is made of the highest quality materials - carefully tested.
Thanks to the highest quality polypropylene mat, made in the USA, you will be able to enjoy many years of trouble-free operation of the trampoline.

Quick installation of the trampoline
1. Put the structure on the rim and legs
2. Install the springs and pad
3. Put the protective cover over the springs
4. Install the posts with a protective sponge and covers
5. Connect the mesh with the hoop
6. Put the net on the safety posts and it's ready!

Advantages of playing on a trampoline
The trampoline is great fun for the whole family - it gives you the opportunity to get off the ground, jump and play around carefree.
Exercising on this equipment is great for your health and fitness. During jumping on the trampoline, all muscles work, the lymph flow in the body is accelerated, thanks to which toxins are removed faster and nutrients are more easily absorbed in cells, which are later converted into energy. Research has shown that jumping on a trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging! The trampoline is great for children, but also for their parents.
In addition to pleasure and fun, it is also an excellent form of physical activity. Exercises on a trampoline develop the muscles of the whole body and can easily replace aerobic exercises. They have a positive effect on the muscles of the calves, abdomen, arms and make the body more flexible. In addition, they improve the figure, motor coordination and balance. They add unparalleled energy (dopamine and endorphin levels increase), improve the heart muscle, improve circulation and have a positive effect on the spine.

The strength and safety of the trampoline structure is guaranteed by the CE quality certificate, confirmed by TÜV, the world leader in the field of compliance with safety standards. The certificate is available to everyone in our company.

Service, warranty
We provide a full 24-month warranty for each trampoline. The durability of the anti-corrosion coating, i.e. the zinc coating on steel, is on average from 30 to even 50 years! Provided there is no external mechanical scratch.

We are a direct importer, which allows us to offer you the best price on the market. All trampolines are available in our warehouses "on the spot". We do not sell virtual goods.

Prekės nuotraukos gali Å¡iek tiek skirtis nuo realios prekės pakuotės, tačiau prekė vistiek atitiks savo apraÅ¡ymą. Kilus klausimams, visada galite kreiptis el. paÅ¡tu [email protected].

Gamintojas SkyFlyer
Skersmuo 180 cm.
Aukštis nuo žemės 53 cm.
Visas aukštis 235 cm..
Tinklelio aukštis 170 cm..
Cinkuotų kojų skaičius 3.
Kojų vamzdžių skersmuo 38 mm x 1 mm.
Apsauginio tinklelio vamzdžių skaičius 6.
Spyruoklių skaičius 42.
Didžiausia apkrova 150 kg.
Apsauginis tinklelis pagamintas iš PP taip.
Cover the mat is made of PE tak.
Visi surinkimui reikalingi įrankiai taip.
Dėžutės 2 dėžutės, matmenys 120 x 57 x 19.
Padėk kitiems lankytojams, palik atsiliepimą apie šią prekę.

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